The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum 

Imagine visiting a Biblically-based, spiritually safe museum that inspires and strengthens your faith. A place with exhibits based on history, science and the Bible. A place that teaches nothing but the truth of our existence. Wouldn’t be wonderful if such a thing existed? 

Enter: The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

Because people constantly ask us about our trip to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museums, I decided it was well worth documenting some of those FAQs. Since you can find specific details like ticket costs on their websites, I’m going to simply offer practical suggestions and information based on our experience.

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Let the Bad Days Come

The fall of 2019 marked a major turning point for me. I found myself submerged in an incredibly difficult situation regarding my schizophrenic brother. Several times I questioned why God would let bad things like this happen to our family.

Unfortunately, I over involved myself in his affairs, thinking I could control the uncontrollable. My deep concern for my brother’s safety and well-being became an obsession. I cried. I prayed. I toiled long hours to try to make things work better.

Eventually, I realized that I’d placed myself in the position of God in His life. Once I accepted that I wasn’t the one who could save him, I allowed God to move the way He wanted. As soon as I let go, He resolved the situation in a way I never could’ve imagined. 

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